Tatiana Dorow

Each specimen within our collection is hand selected by Tatiana Dorow, Founder & Director of the Dorow Collection. While the majority of the crystals are curated as a permanent part of the private collection, tours may be arranged for discerning collectors.

The allure of crystals was introduced to Tatiana throughout her childhood in Brazil. As a primary source of the world’s most beautiful rare mineral specimens, her familiarity with the country and fluency in Portuguese has been key in establishing working relationships with specialized miners across the country.

As a result, the Dorow Collection is home to unique finds from all over the world that have drawn the attention of private institutions, celebrities, politicians, professional athletes and prominent collectors.

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Tatiana is also the author of Arquivistas, a luxury large format photography book featuring 100 crystals from the Dorow Collection. Arquivistas, Portuguese for “archivists” is both a nod to her Brazilian roots and the way she is enthralled with each crystal as a time capsule of ancient geological events. The artistic photography and design of the book mirror the intimate experience of the collection in a way that readers will continue to see nuances within the crystals every time they look at them.  

“Crystals serve as physical evidence of sacred geometry, the idea that I can touch an object that formed hundreds of millions to billions of years ago, accumulating memories from an unimaginably vast span of time, is truly awe-inspiring.” - Tatiana Dorow


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