A Euphoric Rare Crystal Photography Book | Featuring 100 Exquisite Crystals from the Dorow Collection

Foreword by Alan Hart

“One only has to look through the following pages to see that the Dorow Collection is a unique, fascinating and beautifully put together collection. The perfect form of the individual pieces and their features are outstanding. Of particular note is the sheer size of many of these specimens. It is rare indeed to find such beauty in larger size specimens. ”

CEO, The Gemmological Association of Great Britain, Scientific Associate at Natural History Museum London


Hardcover $350 USD
9.75 inches x 12.75 inches
Published by Art & Anthropology Press

2023 | 168 Pages | Silver Gilding |
150 Stunning Full Page Images with Minimal Text

ISBN: 979-8-9882015-0-2

Tatiana Dorow, the founder of the Dorow Collection, regards the crystals within the collection as time capsules, preserving evidence of ancient geological events. As a tribute to her Brazilian roots, she selected "Arquivistas," the Portuguese word for archivist, as the name of this book. Featuring 150 full-page images, Arquivistas serves as a comprehensive record of this exceptional collection. The book's foreword, written by Alan Hart, CEO of The Gemmological Association of Great Britain, adds to its uniqueness, making it a distinct gift that rare mineral collectors and enthusiasts will treasure as a valuable addition to their collection.

singer and songwriter

India Arie

"I’m a life long lover of crystals. I grew up in Denver, Colorado where sometimes you’d find ”Mica” on the side of the road. And maybe it started there. As I’ve traveled the world with my music career, I’ve been able to see SO MANY DIFFERENT crystals. Tatiana’s gallery … I’ve never seen or more importantly FELT, anything like that. On the occasion that I’ve been able to spend solo time alone in the gallery 6 hours passed like it was nothing. These incredible photographs, capture a focused and close up view of the diversity and rarity and BEAUTY of the Dorow Collection. I’m honored to have visited this space, and the book .. I pray it carries the healing energy of this gallery into the hands of every reader."

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Producer, Actor, and Owner of Pratt Daddy

Spencer Pratt

"Crystals have been a part of my life and my family's journey for a long time now. l've seen all
that the mineral world has to offer and The Dorow Collection left me in awe. This book allows
me to reconnect with that energy and experience from afar. It's a very beautiful book."

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Founder of The Resort Group

Jeff Stone

"Arquivistas compelling visuals demonstrate the power and beauty of nature. The photography
lends itself to a larger conversation within the realms of naturalism and fine art. The harmonious
play of light, color and composition tells a story of "Lokahi" — a Hawaiian term that reminds us to
live in unity with the world around us."

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Allan Fanucchi

"Arquivistas elevates the conventional use of crystals in interior design by seamlessly blending
photography and nature, offering a distinctive and irreplicable presentation. This book finds a
cherished place of display in my home alongside showcased crystals for guests to experience."

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