The Collection

The Giants Collection

The Giants Collection features exceptionally high-quality quartz pieces that are unusually large in size. These specimens include a rich variety of Clear Quartz clusters, points & spheres, and unique specimens of Smoky, Morion and Elestial Quartz.

With our largest crystal weighing 5,170 pounds, these giant crystals are mesmerizing statement pieces.

The Exquisite Collection

This fascinating collection includes a wide variety of crystals and other rare minerals acquired from locations around the world. The Excquisite Collection includes Clear and Smoky Quartz Crystal points, clusters, spheres, skulls, and intricately carved pieces; as well as Lodolite, Lemurian, Rutile, Tangerine, Phantom, Dendritic, Enhydro, Faden, Cathedral, Elestial, Morion, Japan Law Twins, Chlorite included Quartz, and more.

Giants Collection

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Custom Crystal Display Stands • Luxury & Large Crystals

Museum-grade bespoke stands are used to display our luxury and large crystal specimens both indoors and out. Contact us to learn more about creating custom stands which safely & dynamically display minerals of all sizes through added height and dramatic uplighting. Specimens are not permanently affixed to the stands.

Design Considerations

  • Copper Base Plates: Various finishes, shapes & plate thickness based on the size, shape & weight of the mineral specimen
  • Armature length & height : Determined by the size, shape & weight of the specimen
  • Display location: High or low traffic conditions, indoor & outdoor considerations
  • Lighting Source: Illuminated & non-illluminated bases