Visiting the Gallery

Where is the gallery located?

The gallery is located on the island of Kauai in Hawaii.

Can clients visit your gallery space in Hawaii to view the crystals in person?

Absolutely, we encourage clients to visit our gallery space in Hawaii, as experiencing Kauai adds to the magical opportunity.

How do I schedule a gallery tour?

Please send an inquiry via our contact page. We request 48 hours notice and a full list of visitor names. Tours are not considered booked until you receive written confirmation from our gallery. Additional gallery details will be shared within the confirmation.

Photography Etiquette

Photography of the gallery and the surrounding area is not allowed without approval from the Director. If approved to post to social media you are welcome to tag @dorow_collection but not the location.

The Collection

What types of crystals do you offer, and are they sourced locally or internationally?

We specialize in naturally shaped and colored quartz and citrine, primarily sourced from Brazil, though we also offer minerals from various locations around the world.

How old are the Dorow Collection crystals?

Crystals are between a thousand and millions of years old.

The oldest known material on Earth is a tiny bit of zircon crystal that has remained intact for an incredible 4.4 billion years, a study confirms.

When was the gallery established?

The Dorow Collection Gallery was built in 2021 and it hosts more than 1,000 minerals in a space of 2,720sf.

What are the sizes and dimensions available for your crystal pieces?

Crystals are primarily sold by weight, ranging from 1lb up to 5,170lbs each. On average, our citrine cathedrals measure around 20x40 inches.

Can you describe the energy or healing properties associated with each type of crystal?

While we can attempt to describe the energy and healing properties of each crystal, the true experience of witnessing these ancient objects, formed over hundreds of millions to billions of years, transcends words.

Are there any sustainability or ethical sourcing practices associated with your crystal collection?

Yes, we prioritize sustainability and ethical sourcing practices. We work directly with miners, carvers, and stand makers, ensuring transparency and ethical standards throughout the sourcing process.


Are there any exclusive or limited edition crystal pieces available?

Yes, there is a distinction between commercial grade and collector’s or museum grade minerals. Commercial grade pieces are those commonly found and commercialized, while collector’s or museum grade pieces are characterized by exceptional formations, colors, and quality levels, often considered rare or once-in-a-lifetime occurrences.

Will you help me source a large or distinct crystal?

Yes, we can assist in brokering, shipping and installing a crystal at your location. Please contact us to discuss the type of crystal you are interested in and the logistical details.

Do you offer consultations or guidance for incorporating crystals into interior design projects?

Yes, our founder Tati, with a background in architecture and interior design, is passionate about suggesting options and ideas for incorporating crystals into interior design projects.

Can you provide information on the pricing range for your crystals?

Crystals are priced based on weight, quality, and rarity. Contact us at info@dorowcollection.com for more information.

Do you offer shipping services for clients outside of Hawaii?

Yes, we offer shipping services throughout the US.

Are there any specific care instructions or maintenance tips for the crystals?

 Crystals require minimal maintenance; they can be cleaned with water and a soft cloth.

Do you offer custom or bespoke crystal pieces for specific design projects?

Yes, we offer custom sourcing for specific projects.

Can you provide references or examples of previous design projects where your crystals have been utilized?

Most of our installations are in private residences and businesses, both indoors and outdoors. One notable project is at the North Shore Preserve’s Big House, a Discovery Land Project on Kauai.

What payment methods do you accept for purchases?

We accept payments via checks, credit cards, or wire transfers.

Do you offer wholesale pricing or discounts for bulk orders?

While we can offer discounts for specific products available in bulk, the majority of our collection does not exist in bulk quantities.

How do I purchase ARQUIVISTAS?

ARQUIVISTAS is available via our publisher’s website: Art & Anthropology Press. Online book orders will ship within 1-3 business days. Please contact Art & Anthropology Press in regards to your book order or for consignment or wholesale inquiries.

Where is ARQUIVISTAS currently being sold?

ARQUIVISTAS is available in select retail locations and online at artandanthropologypress.com.

Media Inquiries

Who is your public relations contact?

Tatiana Dorow

Founder, Dorow Collection


What is the best way to submit a media inquiry?

Please submit your inquiry directly to Tatiana Dorow or via our contact page. Images from Arquivistas & our website are copyrighted and may only be used with written permission from Dorow Collection or Art & Anthropology Press.

Do you have a media kit?

Yes, please contact Art & Anthropology Press at hello@artandanthropologypress.com